I help coaches, trainers & entrepreneurs to build your online business. Would you like to sell even more, make a real impact on more people and be recognized as the go-to person in your market.

Do you want to create an online course? We help you with the technology and in creating the best content so that you can start with customers in it within 2 months.

Irene Ogier

Not tomorrow but TODAY. I show you how you can work 20% less hard with your smart online business

Immediately converted 10,000 euros
How do you REALLY get your service or product across the stage in the best possible way? After my multi-million dollar company, I started my new company from scratch. And that's exactly what Irene came up with. She has helped me tremendously by working towards that launch step by step.
She explains it so well that I knew exactly when to do what.

Miranda Nouwen

I wanted to make a good quality onlinecourse. Irene's course is so good and complete! Very glad I bought the online learning platform with it. It works really fantastic  and looks so professional!
My result is that my online course was up and running within 2.5 months with 23 clients in it! 

Merel Groenenveld

About Irene

I help ambitious coaches and trainers to create their dream life thanks to their dream company. I teach you how to get more time, vitality, energy and fulfillment in your life and how your company can help you with this. I teach you authentic online marketing and sales methods and how to overcome your interim internal obstacles.

I'm one of Tony Robbins' Senior Leaders. I help many entrepreneurs internationally with their breakthroughs.

I have a weird talent, I always attract money, I always know how to make it and I help my clients do the same. I can quickly see where your next opportunity is to earn more money right away. I can teach you this and also how to do all this more effortlessly.

I'll teach you how to never go from bill to bill again if you do what I say.

In my search for freedom and make profit from the internet , I've traveled the world learning from the very best in business online marketing and sales.

My mission is to teach coaches, trainers and other entrepeneurs to work at least 20% less hard by doing business smarter so that you can get 100% out of your life. Also do fun challenging things that matter to you.

I have been able to guide thousands of students over the past 14 years.

In addition to my 'regular' yearly turnover I launched 8 x for 100,000 euros in a few weeks in recent years and I even did the last launch in one webinar.
That is no coincidence, my business plan has been the basis for this. Always. Do you want to learn how to apply this to your business?

I enjoy nothing more than passing on my knowledge and helping you ambitious entrepreneur to set up your company so that it will serve you and you can start living your dream life.

Not later but now!